Ethos – The Coinbase Killer

What is Ethos?

  • Universal wallet where you can store cash, crypto, stocks, bonds and all in once place.
  • FIAT gateway  with checking account, debit and credit card.
  • 1-click with self-managed portfolio with TA tools.
  • 1-click with portfolio managed by professional advisors and automatic balancing powered by AI
  • Bedrock API for business customers.
  • Prediction and social platform
  • Tax friendly reports
  • And much much more

These and many other reasons are why I think Ethos is an amazing opportunity in the crypto world.

One thing I really appreciate is that you can chat directly with the developers of Ethos via their telegram chat.

For those of us living in the EU have no fear. According to one of the developers on the telegram app they will launch in the US, EU and Singapore at once. And for those that aren’t within these zones they are looking to offshore solutions to accommodate a global market.

Where can I learn more?

Where can I buy Ethos?

The biggest market at the moment is Binance. It is listed under “BQX”. So if you want to buy Ethos what you are looking for on the Binance website is “BQX”.


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