Crypto investment advice

This is a page for all advice regarding crypto investing and other resources for the crypto world.

I will add links and more information as I find them.

Tools and Resources

  • Coindesk –  Overview of what’s going on in the crypto world
  • Eveningstar – Morningstar but for crypto
  • Coinmarketcap – Easily check prices but also the most convenient way to start your research
  • Bitcointax – Makes it easier to pay your taxes
  • ICOtracker – Great place to look for ICOs

Tracking your portfolio

How do I keep my coins safe?


Portfolio building

In my opinion a good portfolio has a nice spread among different areas of operation. What I do is spread it among these categories:

  • Core holdings – BTC, Ethereum, LTC…etc
  • Privacy coins – Monero, Zcash, PivX..etc
  • Finance/Bank settlement coins – Ripple, Stellar…etc
  • Enterprise Blockchain solutions -VeChain, Walton, Libra…etc
  • Promising/Innovative Tech coins – Raiblocks, IOTA, Cardano…etc
  • Speculative/Moon shots – BountyX, FUN…etc

For me a 30/70 spread between core holdings and the rest is a nice way to structure your portfolio. If you are feeling a more “safe” portfolio (we are in crypto, safe is relative) then go with a 50/50 spread between core holdings and the rest.



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