Why VeChains VEN is not $10+

VeChain posted their quarterly executive Summary

We can summarise that there are three key points as to why VEN prices are low.

  1. Companies are not buying VEN on the open market. Rather they are buying it from the Enterprise Investor Pool. 33 million VEN were sold from the private supply. Because of this closed market trading the market prices remain unchanged. If companies did buy their VEN token on the open markets we’d see prices of $20+.
  2. VeChain are selling tokens in the open market to fund their development team. TechOps dev team stash sold 3 million and their business side sold another 9 million VEN.
  3. The co-founders and developers stash paid out 10 million VEN to their employees.


All this means that there are over 55 million VEN token that entered the market via private sales.

VeChain are artificially suppressing the price. And they will most certainly keep doing this for a while since the Enterprise Investor Pool still has a long way to go until it’s empty (about 100 million VEN).


Once the investor pool starts dissipating we will see a big increase of VEN prices on the open markets, and I would say there is likely a chance for hitting $15+ pretty soon after investor pool nearing zero balance.


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