$2500 ETH price in 2018, an analysts take

Ethereums future Aside from Bitcoin, no cryptocurrency is more popular and promising than Ether (the native token of the Ethereum platform). ETH prices exploded by 9,383% in 2017, beating every Ethereum price forecast in the world. Yet, now that it’s time to make Ethereum price predictions for 2018, analysts outside crypto-land remain gun-shy… …and it’s... Continue Reading →

Crypto investment advice

This is a page for all advice regarding crypto investing and other resources for the crypto world. I will add links and more information as I find them. Tools and Resources Coindesk -  Overview of what's going on in the crypto world Eveningstar - Morningstar but for crypto Coinmarketcap - Easily check prices but also the... Continue Reading →

VeChain – The future of supply chains , luxury goods, food and much more

What is VeChain? VeChain's vision "Building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high speed value transferring. (VeChain is Much more than anti-counterfeiting)" VeChain Whitepaper Link. VeChain partners PWC DNV GL Kuehne + Nagel China Unicom Microsoft Chinese Government National Level Partnership Renault BMW (Strong rumor that is... Continue Reading →

Ethos – The Coinbase Killer

What is Ethos? Universal wallet where you can store cash, crypto, stocks, bonds and all in once place. FIAT gateway  with checking account, debit and credit card. 1-click with self-managed portfolio with TA tools. 1-click with portfolio managed by professional advisors and automatic balancing powered by AI Bedrock API for business customers. Prediction and social... Continue Reading →

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